How to buy good quality hpmc from china factory ?

HPMC distributor | HPMC wholesaler – Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose distributor wholesaler .As hydroxyproyl methyl cellulose hpmc supplier factory and hpmc exporter ,we provide the good quality HPMC and the best solution for you (hpmc dealer , hpmc retailer , hpmc importer , hpmc trader ) How do the hpmc buyer choose the good water retention hpmc from hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose suppliers?

1.Good hpmc production process make the methoxy and the hydroxypropoxy content distributed uniformly

Kneading alkalization of cotton fibers in liquid alkali, and then etherification reaction is carried out with etherifying agent

Etherification is uniform, the consumption of etherifying agent is low, and the etherification efficiency is high, the product quality is high and stab.

High-quality hpmc with very good uniformity, its methoxy and hydroxypropyl chi groups are evenly distributed along the chain of cellulose molecules.

It can improve the hydroxyl and ether bond oxygen atom and water association to form hydrogen bonding capacity, so that free water into a combination of water.

It could control the evaporation of water in the high temperature effectively .So that hpmc reach a high moisture retention.

2.The hpmc dosage in the different industry

Taking the high-quality HPMC produced by zhengshuo as an example

Generally added in such as bonding, plastering, anti-cracking,Thickener

Hpmc for tile adhesive/ hpmc for mortar

It is 2-2.5KGS /MT

Hpmc for wall putty

It is 2-4.5KGS /M

Hpmc for tile glue

It is 3.5-4KGS /MT

Hpmc for tile grout

It is 0.3-2 KGS /MT

Hpmc for self-leveling

The dosage is 3.5-4 KGS/MT

HPMC for detergent liquid

It is 2-4KGS /MT

Hpmc for ETIFC

It is 4-7 KGS /MT

If the hpmc dosage is less,the effect is bad. And the The water-blinding is bad.

3. High Thermal gel temperature of hpmc

High-quality HPMC cellulose has a high gel temperature and It is not susceptible to high-temperature weather

Low water retention gel temperature hpmc completely lose water retention.,when hpmc solution become to hpmc . It is very important especially in the summer or in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt

The Thermal gel temperature is high, the water retention rate is high, conversely, the water retention rate is low.

4.HPMC Long Open time

The hpmc water-retention has relation with the long open time . The open time is longer and the hpmc water-retention is better .And the hpmc quality is better

How to test the long open time

Dry fractional sand
2 spatulas,
2 kg bob
concrete surface
tile 5*5 cm
glass 5*5 cm.

Composition: cement 30%, sand 69,8%, cellulose ether 0,2%. The open time was checked according to the EN: 5 min, 10 min and 20 min.

5.The Lower ash HPMC

The main factor affecting the water retention of HPMC cellulose is its purity. The hpmc impurity is higher and the ash content is lower

The ash content is less ,the hpmc water retention is better. On the contrary, the larger the ash content, the worse the water retention.