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The general gypsum products are mainly plaster gypsum, adhesive plaster ,Embedded gypsum etc

Gypsum plaster is the ordinarily plastering material as the construction chemicals .
It could make the wall surface smooth .
It coul be boned with the substrade , no cracking and Fall off .And it could be fireproof.

The plaster adhesive is a type adhesive additive for construction light boards。
It is a sticky material based the gypsum of the base material and adding other additives: such as Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose HPMC , citric acid r Gypsum retarder etc .It is the Binder from the diffrent building materails such as the bulding panels .

The gypsum products have different functions :The gypsum , related fillers compound

The gypsum is divided into anhydrite , hemihydrate .
Different gypsum have different effects on properties .
The thickener, water retention agent ,Retarder determine the gypsum quality in the construction materials.
The cellulose ether hpmc has important role in the gypsum product .
Good hpmc quality could advoid the Fall off ,Cracking,Dropping powder etc

The common gypsum problems are hollowing cracks the lower initial strength.