How to apply hydroxypropyl methylcellulose correctly

How to apply hydroxypropyl methylcellulose correctly

In fact, only need to mix the hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose with water immediately, configure it into a viscous viscous agent, and reserve it.

When the hydroxypropyl methylcellulose paste is equipped, first add a certain amount of clean water to the main seasoning tank containing the mixing device. When the mixing device is turned on, pour it slowly and evenly into the main seasoning tank. Mix to combine with water.

It should be noted that when melting the hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, it should be evenly distributed and continuously mixed. It is “to better avoid the formation of agglomerations and agglomerations when the CMC meets with water, and to reduce the amount of melting. Difficult problems” and increase its melting rate.

The mixing time and the melting time of the hydroxypropyl methylcellulose are not consistent. They are two definitions. Generally speaking, the mixing time is much shorter than the time required for the CMC to melt. The time depends on the details.

In addition, the basis for clarifying the mixing time is: when the hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is uniformly dispersed in water and there are no significant large clumps and small objects are stored, the mixing can be terminated and let it stand still with the water. Infiltrate each other and combine with each other.