why does some tiles fall off the wall easily after the adhesive drying?

Why does some tiles fall off the wall easily after the adhesive drying? Here give you a recommended solution.

Have you met this problem that tile fall off the wall after the adhesive drying? This problem happens more and more frequently, especially in the cold areas. If you are tiling big size and heavy tiles, it is more easily to occur.

According to our analyze, this is mainly because of that the tile adhesive is not drying completely. It only dried on the surface. And It bears the pressure of strong gravity and the weight of the tile itself. So tiles easily fall off the wall. And the hollowing phenomenon also easily to happen.

Therefore, choosing suitable construction additives is very important.To solve this type of problem, here we recommend our products for tile adhesive producers evaluation:

Cellulose ether is a modified additives which has moderate viscosity giving excellent workability and good performance of sag resistance. It has good application specially for big size tiles.

Redispersible polymer powder is polymer powers polymerized by ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, and has hard film property. Can better improve the bonding strength and cohesive strength. It is widely used in tile adhesive.

The fiber can easily dispersed in the mortar forming a three-dimensional structure and the moisture transmission function makes the mortar has homogeneous wettability, i.e.the moisture on the surface and inside is uniform, so that the surface will not dry too quickly. This can minimize the tiles from falling.

If in winter, tile adhesive need to meet the adhesion strength after freeze-thaw cycle. Its min film forming temperature is 0℃, and has excellent bonding strengthen and flexibility. It can reduce tile adhesive cracking and widely used in high end tile adhesives.

Calcium formate is needed to added into the formulation. It is an early strength agent. Calcium formate can give cement strength quickly and make the adhesive better resistance to freezing and thawing.

If you are exactly in the field of tile adhesive production and have problems in your application,welcome to contact us. Our technical engineers will be pleased to communicate with you.