Cellulose Ethers HEMC MHEC Application Guide In Building Materials

Cellulose Ether Hemc Application Guide In Building Materials Industry

External wall insulation system (EIFS)

Bonding strength: Selecting the appropriate amount of ptma celuulose ether – HEMC can greatly increase the bonding strength of the bonding mortar.

Internal and external wall interface agent

Excellent water retention: ptma cellulose ether – HEMC can significantly reduce the moisture absorbed by the wall. Good water retention, on the one hand can guarantee cement

With a longer combination time, on the other hand, it can ensure that workers can scrape the putty on the wall many times.

Tile adhesive

Improve the wettability of mortar: ptma cellulose ether – HEMC gives the mortar consistency, improves the wetting ability of mortar and ceramic tile and substrate, and improves the wet mortar

The cohesive force, especially for high water-cement ratio formula.

Jointing agent

Anti-sagging: ptma cellulose ether – HEMC can make the slurry adhere to the surface firmly without sagging

Self-leveling mortar

Maintain fluidity and improve water retention: ptma cellulose ether – HEMC with low viscosity will not affect the flow effect of the slurry, which is convenient for construction. At the same time

The water-retaining property makes the surface effect after self-leveling good, avoiding the occurrence of cracks.

Plaster-based plaster

Water retention: ptmatech cellulose ether – HEMC can retain the water in the mortar, so that the gypsum is completely solidified. The higher the viscosity of the solution, the stronger the water retention capacity,

On the contrary, the water retention capacity is reduced.