How is the serious problem of powdering of the putty layer? What should I do?

After the putty is dried and the powder is removed, the root cause can be attributed to the fact that the bonding system does not play its role, and why the bonding system, whether it is an inorganic binder or an organic binder, can be considered from the following aspects:

1. There is a problem with the quality of the binder of the putty itself;

2. The binder does not play a role. The adhesive mechanism of the adhesive is a wet mortar containing rubber powder. As the water is absorbed in the base layer, the hydraulic material is consumed, and the surface layer is volatilized to the air, the resin particles gradually approach. The interface gradually becomes blurred, and the resin gradually merges with each other, eventually becoming a continuous polymer connector. This process mainly occurs in the pores and solid surfaces of the mortar, so that a bonding effect is formed. However, if we are too thin due to the scraping of the putty layer or forced drying or drying after batch scraping, the water will be dissipated too quickly, and the resin particles of the binder will not form a good bond well, thus losing the bonding effect.


If the powder is lightly dropped, the floating ash can be treated with a wet towel, and then the wall is solidified for interface treatment, and then the scraping can be carried out. Pay attention to the thickness of the scraping; if the putty layer is severely pulverized, it is recommended to use the wall to fix it. The interface is processed and then scraped.