what is redispersible polymer(latex) powder?

The redispersible latex powder product is a water-soluble white or almost white flowable powder, a copolymer of f ethyle ethylene and vinyl acetate, and polyvinyl alcohol as a protective colloid.

Because redispersible latex powders have high bonding ability and unique properties, such as: water resistance, construction and heat insulation, etc., their application range is extremely wide.

Physical and chemical indicators:
Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer
E / VAc
Vinyl Acetate-Vinyl Tertiary Carbonate Copolymer
VAc / VeoVa
Acrylate-styrene copolymer
A / S
Styrene-butadiene copolymer
Ethylene-vinyl chloride-vinyl laurate terpolymer
E / VC/ VL
Vinyl acetate-ethylene-vinyl versatate copolymer
VAc / E / VeoVa
Vinyl acetate-acrylate-vinyl versatate copolymer
VAc / A/ VeoVa
Vinyl acetate-ethylene-acrylate copolymer
VAc / E / A
Vinyl acetate-ethylene-methyl methacrylate copolymer
VAc / E / MMRecommended use:

◇Tile Adhesive
◇ Bonding mortar for external wall insulation system
◇Surface mortar for external thermal insulation system
◇Tile grout
◇Artesian cement mortar
◇Flexible putty for internal and external walls
◇Flexible anti-cracking mortar
◇Adhesive powder polystyrene granular thermal insulation mortar
◇ Dry powder paint
◇Polymer mortar products with higher requirements for flexibility

construction additivies

It has outstanding waterproof performance, good bonding strength, increases the elasticity of the mortar and has a longer open time, imparts excellent alkali resistance to the mortar, and improves the adhesion/adhesiveness, flexural strength, plasticity and resistance of the mortar In addition to abrasion performance and workability, it has stronger flexibility in the flexible anti-cracking mortar.
The role of redispersible latex powder:
The redispersible latex powder forms a film after being dispersed and acts as a second adhesive to play a strengthening role;
The protective colloid is absorbed by the mortar system (it will not be destroyed by water after film formation, or “secondary dispersion”);
The film-forming polymer resin is distributed in the entire mortar system as a reinforcing material, thereby increasing the cohesion of the mortar;

mortar additivies

The role of redispersible latex powder in wet mortar:
Improve construction performance;
Improve flow performance;
Increase thixotropy and sag resistance;
Improve cohesion;
Extend opening hours;
Enhance water retention.
The effect of redispersible latex powder after curing of mortar:
Increase tensile strength;
Increase bending strength;
Decrease the modulus of elasticity;
Improve deformability;
Increase material density;
Increase wear resistance;
Improve cohesive strength;
Reduce the depth of carbonization;
Reduce material water absorption;
Make the material have excellent water repellency (adding water repellent rubber powder