Six problems in the wall caused by improper formula of putty powder

Putty powder formula is in accordance with the accurate ratio of raw materials, if the formula is not accurate, will lead to a lot of wall quality problems, serious words will affect the building quality, so putty powder formula is accurate is particularly important. Below we will understand, be bored with child powder formula improper can bring about metope to appear 6 big problems:

1 First of all, the difference between wet and dry changes is too large, which leads to the occurrence of dry shrinkage cracks in the wall, temperature changes and thermal expansion and cold shrinkage caused by temperature cracks;

2 Secondly, after a long time, the deformation of the wall structure caused by static and dynamic load cracks;

3 It is to use too inferior, expire be bored with child powder or raw material choice is wrong, make be bored with child powder to metope agglutinate sex reduces greatly.

4 The base is not clean, the original putty layer did not clean up, poor quality putty powder grip strength is relatively large, the original putty crack.

5 Improperly proportioned putty powder is not easy to dry, affecting the scraping of the next layer

6 Putty powder agitator should choose horizontal type, vertical agitator because of its own shortcomings and cause uneven mixing can also cause putty powder off the problem.