Redispersible Polymer Powder Introduction

The products we produce are redispersible polymer powders. They are spray dried by a special water-based emulsion based primarily on vinyl acetate-ethylene (VAE) and then free flowing organic polymer powder. They can be redispersed in water and formed into a film by coalescence of individual polymer particles after evaporation of the water. The film acts as an organic binder that bonds the different substrates together, enhances the mortar structure, and provides excellent adhesion at the cement or gypsum-based dry mortar substrate interface. They are easily soluble in water and have good resistance to saponification and abrasion.

They have higher flexural strength, flexibility and deformability. They improve processability, enhance impact and wear resistance, improve water retention and open time, improve substrate wettability and improve the waterproofing of mortar. They form a flexible joint between the cement mortar particle gap and the surface film. Therefore, the brittle cement mortar becomes elastic. The mortar that can be used to disperse the emulsion is several times higher than the ordinary mortar.