Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose HPMC instructions

Dry blending: In the case of other powders, it should be mixed well with the powder and then added with water to dissolve quickly and not agglomerate.

Organic solvent wetting method: First, the product is dispersed in an organic solvent or wetted with an organic solvent, and then added to cold water or cold water is added to dissolve well.

Cold water quick-dissolving method: Put a proper amount of tap water in the container, gradually add HPMC under slow stirring, and start to rapidly diffuse HPMC into the water, but the diffusion does not dissolve. After standing for a few minutes, HPMC slowly dissolves and the viscosity gradually rises. Achieve the desired effect.

Precautions for preparing the solution:

1. When adding the product and after the addition, it should be fully stirred to reach the desired viscosity.

2. Prepare the dissolved concentration. According to the viscosity of the product, the low viscosity product (viscosity less than 4000) can be formulated into a concentration of 10-15%; the high viscosity product (viscosity greater than 30,000) is formulated to 2-3%.

Safety Precautions:

Avoid arbitrarily throwing dust to cause air pollution.

Physical and chemical hazards: Avoid contact with fire sources. Avoid avoiding explosive hazards in a closed environment.

Pay attention to sun protection, rain and moisture, avoid direct sunlight, and store in a dry place.