What are the characteristics of tile adhesive mortar?

①. It has good water retention. Tiles do not need soaking treatment before pasting, can be used in construction for a longer time and smeared in large area; it has good adhesion effects, strong vertical flow resistance, and the construction can be from top to bottom.

②. Since it has good workability, slide resistance, and long enough opening time, the thin-layer construction is made possible, greatly improving the efficiency of pasting tiles.

③. It makes the pasting of tiles safer. Due to the modification effect of redispersible latex powder and cellulose ethers, using this tile adhesive mortar can all have bonding properties for different types of substrates including the all-ceramic vitrified tile with very low water adsorption, and can still have bond strength in soaking and freezing-thawing conditions.

④. It has good heat resistance and weather resistance, and will not affect the bonding properties because of the temperature changes of external environment.

⑤. It has good flexibility, lower elastic modulus, strong adaptability to the substrates, and can absorb the stress caused by temperature and other factors, with small shrinkage and without hollowing or cracking.

With a large number of applications of external thermal insulation system in the construction, most of exterior wall tiles are actually pasted onto the external thermal insulation system. Compared to the wall without thermal insulation, the insulation wall has greater temperature difference on its surface, and also greater dimensional changes of external walls with insulation system. This requires that the tile adhesive mortar outside thereof has very good flexibility and can absorb the temperature deformation of system, so the tile adhesive mortar used for the thermal insulation system should also have certain flexibility, in addition to meeting the requirement of bond strength.

⑥. It is powder packed in bags, convenient for transportation, and can be used simply by on-site mixing with water; it is directly smeared by using the serrated scraper and has not too high requirements for the technical level of construction workers, easy and fast for construction operation, and highly efficient; the product is safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and harmless.