Discriminate The Quality Of Dispersible Polymer Powders

Method 1 ash method

A certain amount of redispersible latex powder was weighed and placed in the metal container, and the temperature was up to about 500 degrees. After 500 degrees of high temperature burning, it was cooled to room temperature and weighed again. Light weight, good quality.

Method two, dissolution method

A certain amount of redispersible emulsion powder was dissolved in the water of 5 times of quality, and then stood for 5 minutes after being fully stirred. In principle, the precipitate to the bottom of things can not be less, the quality of redispersible emulsion powder. This method is simple and easy to implement.

Methods three, film forming method

The quality of redispersible latex powder, dissolved in 2 times of water, stirring after standing for 2 minutes, stir again, pour the solution on a clean flat glass, glass placed in ventilated shade. After drying, remove. Observation of the polymer film uncovered. High transparency, good quality. And moderate pulling, good elastic quality. The film cut into strips, soaked in water, after 1 days of observation, the quality of water is less well dissolved. This method is more objective.