What is the engineering construction of redispersible latex powder?

What is the engineering construction of redispersible latex powder?

The redispersible latex powder product is a water-soluble redispersible powder. It is made of fiber material polymer moisturizing emulsion through spray drying equipment, and styrene-acrylic emulsion is used as a maintenance colloidal solution. This type of powder equipment, machinery and equipment is in water After being touched, it can be quickly re-dispersed into a moisturizing emulsion. The redispersible latex powder has binding ability and unusual demulsification characteristics, so it has water-solubility resistance, construction properties and flame retardancy, etc., in the cement mortar The range of applications is wide

Redispersible latex powder has a wide range of applications. The commonly used materials include: wall insulation system bonding cement mortar, wall insulation system polishing cement mortar, tile adhesive, fully automatic discharge concrete cement mortar, interior/wall Surface soft interior wall putty powder, soft crack-resistant fiber cement mortar, rubber powder polyethylene fine particles heat insulation, inorganic heat preservation mortar, dry powder coating, scraping putty cement mortar, waterproof cement mortar, polymers with higher requirements for flexibility Cement mortar products, etc.

Redispersible latex powder can improve the construction characteristics of wet cement mortar; improve the commercial circulation of wet cement mortar; improve the thixotropy and sag resistance of wet cement mortar; improve the adhesion of wet cement mortar; the opening time of wet cement mortar; wet cement The mortar is water-soluble.

After the cement mortar is solidified, the redispersible latex powder can increase the compressive strength; increase the tensile strength and the tensile strength; reduce the ductility mold shell; improve the deformability; increase the density of the raw materials; increase the resistance to abrasion and tensile strength; Improve the adhesion and tensile strength; reduce the depth of carbonization; reduce the water absorption capacity of the raw materials; the water-increasing rubber powder can increase the water solubility of the raw materials.

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