How to improve the adhesive compressive strength of internal wall putty powder with latex powder

How to improve the adhesive compressive strength of internal wall putty powder with latex powder

In the production of interior wall putty powder, everyone must use latex powder. The application of this latex powder can improve the compressive strength of the bonding. We know that if we want to produce high-quality interior wall putty powder, the secret formula must undoubtedly be appropriate. There are also preservatives inside to be applied safely. Everyone uses latex powder to better improve the compressive strength, so how can we ensure this compressive strength?

First, we have to grasp what latex powder is and how it is made. Its key function is to improve the compressive strength. The composition is also made of polymer moisturizing emulsion followed by various preservatives, plus Maintaining the colloidal solution and anti-caking agent makes the polymer produce a powder with free flowability after the spray dryer can be redispersed in water. Everyone is mainly used for the production of interior wall putty powder, but also dry powder mortar dryer.

During the processing, the latex powder can be dispersed again and then the emulsion again, followed by the continuous digestion and absorption of the rural grassroots, the continuous consumption of the free water in the internal gap of the cement mortar, and the strong alkaline natural environment shown by the concrete, which promotes the drying of the natural latex particles. After irritation, a continuous film of insoluble water is produced in the cement mortar. This continuous film is produced by combining the single dispersed particles in the moisturizing emulsion into a homogeneous protoplasm.

After dispersion, the latex powder is a kind of spray dryer dispersion. This kind of addition to water produces a stable dispersion liquid, and its characteristics are the same as the original dispersion liquid. However, there are certain standards for the production of this latex powder, which must be carried out under the high temperature standard. If it is not done, it will produce a continuous film, and even the dispersion of the sticky continuous film will be transformed into a circulating powder. Equipment, not necessarily dispersing liquid can be converted into latex powder.

Latex powder can also improve the construction characteristics of the project, making the interior wall putty powder and dry mortar dryer manufactured by us stronger for the construction of the project, which is also a very key function. In addition, the scratch resistance and tensile strain and compressive strength of the post mortar are gradually improved, which can make the cement mortar have plastic deformation and have less dry solidity.