Wall Putty Building Materials

Wall Putty Materials Problem : Powder-Falling
Phenomenon: After the construction is completed and dry, there is a phenomenon of powder falling when touched by hand.

1. The polishing time of the internal wall putty powder is not well controlled. After the surface has been dried, it will be powdered after polishing.
2. The outer wall putty powder, the coating is relatively thin when facing, under the high temperature in summer, the water volatilizes quickly, and the surface layer does not have enough water to solidify, so it is easy to remove the powder.
3. If the product exceeds the shelf life, the bonding strength will be greatly reduced.
4. Improper storage of the product, the cohesive force drops significantly after absorbing moisture
5. The high water absorption rate of the base layer causes the putty to dry quickly, and there is not enough moisture to solidify.

1. It is necessary to master the proper polishing time when polishing the interior layer of the putty. The best time for polishing is to polish immediately after the watermark on the surface of the putty disappears. Practice has proved that the surface of 1~2m2 should be flattened or polished.
2. After the surface of the external wall putty is dry, it should be moderately polished and adequately watered. The general maintenance is divided into two or more times. If necessary, please use a transparent closed primer to mix with water (1:5 ) As the second water spray, the effect will be better.
3. The product must be used within the warranty period, if it exceeds the warranty period, it must be tested and scraped, and the construction will be carried out after passing the inspection;
4. The product must pay attention to waterproof treatment, should be in a cool and dry place, and ensure that the encapsulation is intact.
5. In summer or high temperature and strong wind climatic conditions, it is best to wet the wall surface with clean water before applying the putty. If there is no bright water on the wall surface, the putty can be applied.