Characteristics of redispersible polymer powders

Dispersible polymer powders are made by spray-drying polymer dispersions. Adding water to these powders will break up their granules and release the particles found in the original dispersions. This process does not alter the properties of the polymers.

Properties at a glance:

excellent cohesion
excellent adhesive strength (even when used on difficult substrates and after prolonged water exposure)
high flexibility
good film-forming properties (without addition of film-formers)
high water resistance
increased open time (the amount of time after application where an adhesive can still form a usable bond)
high hydrophobicity
ability to bridge cracks
high processability due to their sticky texture
high binding ability
Redispersible polymer powders are used especially in construction work, where their main purpose is to help create long-lasting and durable adhesives and coatings for tiles, seals, conduits and pipelines.