Production of cement or gypsum mortar

It is well-known that polymer-modified mortar, cement and concrete have significantly better properties that their unmodified counterparts. Manufacturers add the polymers either as a dispersion (two-component systems) or as a powder (one-component systems).

During the production of gypsum mortar, concrete or mineral cementitious materials such as cement, polymer powders which are dispersible are added to the mixing water and subsequently undergo redispersion.

Redispersible polymer powders can increase a material’s bending tensile strength, abrasion resistance and compressive strength because the polymer modification decreases the water content in cement. The reduced water absorption caused by the polymer dispersion also makes mortar and cement more resistant to freeze-thaw cycles.

On top of that, when added to a material, redispersible polymer powders are able to maximize adhesive tensile strength, enhance elasticity and reduce porosity.

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