Dispersible polymer powders in tile and wallpaper adhesives

In addition to cement and gypsum mortar, dispersible polymer powders can be used to improve the properties of sealants, caulk, fillers, wallpaper adhesives, tile adhesives and exterior wall coatings.

Redispersible polymer powders are able to significantly enhance a material’s processability. Adding the powders before hydration will not only decrease the amount of water required for processing, but also simplify handling and extend the amount of time you can work with the material.

After curing, the material in question will have a better bond to the substrate as well as greater flexibility. The cohesion between various construction components will also be stronger – even without the addition of plasticizers.

Redispersible polymer powders can give tile adhesives excellent adhesion, even allowing them to create a strong bond to difficult substrates such as natural stone, wood and plastic.