Advantages of Putty Powder in Internal and External Wall Applications

Wall Leveling Putty: for building paint base leveling
External wall Cement Leveling putty Advantages:
A. Provide a good base surface, reduce the amount of paint, reduce the cost of the project
B. Strong adhesion, good adhesion to the base surface
C. Flexible, good cushioning base material expansion stress
D. Good resistance to aging and impermeability, moisture resistance
E. Environmental protection, non-toxic, safe
F. Good crack resistance
G. breathability
H. Good weather resistance, anti-aging, long durability, adding functional additive can get more excellent function

The advantages of gypsum putty inside the wall:
A. Strong bond strength
B. Surface ornamentation
C. Fire performance
D. Thermal insulation performance
E. Saving duration
F. Construction convenience
G. Respiratory function
H. Lightweight

Gypsum joint mortar: joints used in thin keel systems such as gypsum board and cement fiberboard
Product Advantages:
A. Good construction, easy to operate, scraping and painting convenient
B. non-toxic flavors, green building materials
C. Non-cracking, high strength
D. Delicate and smooth texture, easy to burnish
E. With good anti-cracking performance, easy to be good, easily stirred, easy to operate, easy to embed scraping flat; have enough operation time, dry hard speed, bonding effect is good. After the treatment of the plate seam formation, compaction, plate seam processing process less, putty dosage, low cost.