Wall putty(Skim Coat) is a kind of decorative materials to make wall surface smooth, it can be used in exterior and interior wall decoration. Kimacell HPMC plays an essential role in wall putty(skim coat) to improve the key properties like water retention, open time, crack resistance, workability, etc.

Product Description:

Kimacell offers two kinds of HPMC for wall putty(skim coat) to improve the properties of water retention, open time, anti-cack, workability, etc.

The modified grade HPMC 37100 is specially developed for cement-based applications, like Single layer coat, skim coat, cement plaster.

The unmodified grade HPMC MP100M are economic options, which can also achieve the general required properties of wall putty or skim coat.

Features of Products

• Excellent working surface

• Easy to paste

• No sticky to tool

• No burble occur

• Very Good water retention

• Good anti-shrinkage, anti-crack

More Information about HPMC Products:

1. Products classification: unmodified products with surface treatment and highly modified products

2. Viscosity range: 50~80,000 mpa.s(Brookfiled RV) or 50~300,000 mpa.s(NDJ/Brookfied LV)

3. Quality stability: ensures the most stability of our products quality.

4. Unmodified products: Higher purity, better performance and more stable

5. Highly modified products: Imported technology offers better properties like water retention, slip resistance, crack resistance, longer open time, etc. Widely used in Tile adhesives, Wall Putty, Mortars, Gypsum based products, etc.

6. Products traceability: We keep samples for each batch No. products for 3 years to track any quality problem raised by customers.

7. R&D center: We have a world-class  R&D center to ensure the most professional technical support to our customers.